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News ReleaseAir Products Introduces New Freshline® SafeChill™ System for Campylobacter Intervention

03/04/2017 London, U.K.

Air Products has introduced its latest addition to the Freshline® food processing portfolio. The Freshline® SafeChill™ system is a patented rapid chilling process to help poultry processors and retailers find a solution to further reducing campylobacter contamination, which is most prevalent in fresh poultry.

Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK, and considered to be responsible for more than 280,000 cases of food poisoning each year, according to the Food Standards Agency. Extensive trials followed by a full commercial installation have shown that Air Products’ Freshline® SafeChill™ system can achieve significant results in reducing campylobacter as verified by an independent laboratory.

This new proprietary automated intervention from Air Products - a world leading industrial gas supplier and expert in food freezing, chilling and packaging - uses super-chilled air to reduce campylobacter on poultry carcasses after evisceration.

The Freshline® SafeChill™ system is highly effective and can be used alone to significantly reduce campylobacter presence in poultry or in combination with other interventions to ensure security of treatment depending on the levels of campylobacter contamination.

For processors, this technology can be easily integrated into existing production lines and offers flexibility in the treatment programmes based on the factory’s needs and the level of contamination of the poultry. The Freshline® SafeChill™ is modular, can operate 3 shifts a day and supports current and future production line speeds. The treatment time lasts 30 to 50 seconds and maintains the quality of the poultry meat and skin at all times.

Jon Trembley, Cryogenic Technology Manager, said: “The industry is already familiar with various intervention methods to address the issue of campylobacter after evisceration - but our new process offers additional flexibility and security to businesses operating in the poultry production sector.

“By taking advantage of this innovation from Air Products, producers, retailers and consumers can be reassured that this form of contamination is being addressed.”

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