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Our Purpose and Strategy

Air Products' higher purpose is to bring people together to
collaborate and innovate solutions to the world's most
significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges.

We live our purpose through our business strategy and our efforts to protect the environment and care for our stakeholders. These are the underlying concepts of our Grow – Conserve – Care sustainability approach.

Sustainability is embedded in our business strategy, which is focused on serving energy, environmental and emerging markets. Our strategy is evidenced through the products, technologies, and services we offer, and the projects we carry out. Our products and technologies are supported by our innovation capabilities and our desire to collaborate on real solutions for our customers and the world. Our core competency is our ability to develop, execute, own, and operate complex process facilities that can transform local economies.

Industrial Gases – Essential to Modern Life

Industrial gases are used to make materials that go into our homes and businesses, cars and fuels, health care, food and more. Their use also helps companies across many industries to improve yields, reduce energy consumption and lower emissions.

For example, our oxy-fuel burners enable glass and metal manufacturers to efficiently use oxygen in their production processes, thereby reducing the amount of fuel needed and emissions of nitrous oxides (NOx). Our gases and technologies also contribute to the circular economy by enabling the use, or recycling of, resources and reducing emissions to the environment.

As the world’s largest supplier of hydrogen, we provide vast quantities of hydrogen to petroleum refiners to lower sulfur content and enable the production of cleaner-burning gasoline and diesel fuels, significantly reducing vehicle emissions by people around the world. We are also a leader in hydrogen for mobility and fueling infrastructure and are bolstering the hydrogen economy and energy transition in many global regions. In addition, we remain a leader in liquefied natural gas equipment, air separation plants, and hydrocarbon recovery and purification equipment.

Addressing the World’s Need for Clean Energy and Materials

Our technologies for gasification, carbon capture and hydrogen for mobility and energy transition put us at the center of one of the greatest global challenges and opportunities today: addressing the world’s need for clean energy and materials while reducing environmental impacts. As a result, we are developing and delivering some of the largest and most complex projects in the history of Air Products while fulfilling our core values of safety and integrity and providing reliability and operational excellence to our customers.

We view gasification as one of the many tools necessary to help countries and customers meet the world’s growing need for cleaner, sustainable chemicals and materials. Utilizing our leading gasification technology as part of world-class projects, Air Products supports development around the globe by directly and indirectly growing local economies and enabling plentiful, local resources to be converted into high-value chemicals and materials.

Carbon Capture
Carbon footprint reduction is a core part of Air Products’ growth strategy and sustainability goals. We view carbon capture as a necessary and high-impact way to tackle climate change and essential to meeting the Paris climate goals and beyond. At the same time, we understand that implementation of carbon capture requires supportive policies and favorable project economics, and strong partnerships with governments and our customers.

Hydrogen for Mobility
As the world’s largest hydrogen producer, Air Products has experience across the full value chain for hydrogen. We have the capability and know-how to make hydrogen through all available production methods and to distribute and dispense this increasingly important fuel. We expect that hydrogen will play an increasingly significant role in meeting society’s need for sustainable transportation, especially for heavy duty vehicles where hydrogen excels compared to other technologies.