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PRISM Membrane Gas Separation

The PRISM Membranes Business unit develops, manufactures, and sells gas membrane separators. This group pioneered gas membrane separation for commercial use with early projects commissioned in 1977 and full-scale commercialization in 1979. The one-of-a-kind membrane manufacturing plant is located in Saint Louis, Missouri with offices and sales support located globally including Norway and Permea China Limited.

Today, PRISM Membranes has separators for several applications, including nitrogen/oxygen separation, gas dehydration, biogas upgrading, and several others. New technology is being deployed to increase efficiencies and to meet the demands of a changing market.

How Membrane Separators Work

Each membrane separator contains thousands of asymmetric hollow fibers that act as a molecular filter. When high-pressure gas mixtures enter the separator, the gas components divide as a result of selective permeation. Fast gases (such as oxygen) permeate easily through the membrane wall and exit the side port. Slow gases (such as nitrogen) have a difficult time passing through the membrane wall and travel the bore of the fiber exiting through the port at the end of the shell.

PRISM Membrane separators are available through two channels:

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Arrangements

This global network of value-added resellers integrate the PRISM Membrane gas separators into systems for a variety of applications, from food preservation to scuba-diving air. 

Air Products Engineered Systems Group

These fully-assembled membrane systems are fabricated to the highest engineering classifications, and are the same nitrogen-membrane systems that we use in our own facilities. 

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The benefits of PRISM Membranes

Whether you're separating air for high-purity nitrogen stream, or converting biogas into usable methane, our PRISM Membranes team can work with you to determine if an existing commercial membrane can satisfy your application or if a custom design can be provided.

Field-proven in a wide variety of applications

Significant savings vs. other technologies

Easily expandable systems

Lightweight and compact

Minimal maintenance on membranes and systems

No moving parts

Ideal for remote locations

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will PRISM membranes be damaged by liquid water and oil?”
PRISM membranes will not be permanently damaged by liquid water. The membrane performance can be restored by flowing warm, dry air through the membrane until all the liquid water is removed. The membranes will not be affected by oil vapor in the feed stream; however, the membranes will be permanently damaged by liquid oil entering or condensing in the membrane.

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