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Sewer water treatment
Water and Wastewater


Modular water treatment solutions bring cost efficiency and environmental benefits

Using oxygen in wastewater plants to increase the dissolved oxygen content achieves better results in terms of plant and operational performance. The use of pure oxygen achieves a good level of treatment, reduces nuisances, improves sludge quality and settling, boosts volumetric loads and increases sludge concentration.

Our Halia® aeration systems are specially designed to work with any water plant configuration and to cover a huge range of oxygen needs. The process is engineered to achieve a dissolution efficiency of more than 90%.

Easy Installation

In existing tanks without modification or emptying. The aerator is simply lowered into the tanks and started in a few hours. 

Small Footprint

The equipment (tank, panels and aerators) can easily be installed within existing water plant structures.


The system is available to rent where required and standard units are compatible with all tanks.