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PRISM® On-site Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants and Services

Advanced Technology. Robust Demand

High purity. High volume. High performance. At work around the world and within applications across every major industry, Air Products' cryogenic product line offers state-of-the-art technology in high-purity, on-site nitrogen supply.  Providing cryogenic purity gaseous nitrogen in a broad range of flow rates, our PRISM® generators deliver consistent performance and long-term cost savings.

Innovation and integration are the key to Air Products' success in becoming an integral part of customer's operations. Our in-house product innovation team is engaged in fundamental applications research to ensure that Air Products systems have the most efficient process economics. PRISM® Cryogenic Nitrogen plants are the preferred systems for customers who need flexible and effective nitrogen solutions. Integrated production and backup systems, combined with our around-the-clock monitoring and operations support also deliver peace of mind to users who can't afford downtime and seek a competitive edge in their industry.

Whether you are looking for long-term gas supply with a new nitrogen plant or services and support for an existing customer-owned cryogenic nitrogen plant, Air Products team of on-site specialists work with you to understand your needs and deliver an optimal nitrogen gas supply solution.

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PRISM ® Cryogenic Nitrogen Process Overview

In a cryogenic air separation system, an atmospheric air feed is compressed and cooled to remove water vapor, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons before it enters the vacuum can, where a distillation column separates the air into nitrogen gas and an oxygen-enriched waste stream.  The nitrogen gas then flows into the supply line to downstream applications where the product may be compressed to meet pressure requirements.

Cryogenic nitrogen plants can supply high-purity gas at rates less than 25,000 standard cubic feet per hour (scfh) to more than 2 million scfh. They typically achieve standard purities of 5 ppm oxygen in nitrogen, although higher purities are possible.

PRISM® Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants – Flexible Platforms for Exceptional Performance

State-of-the-art Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant Portfolio

Standard design, reduced footprint & environmental impact, and efficient power consumption enable easy installation, quick integration, and ongoing reliability

Cost-effective Gas Supply

Fully automated controls, low power consumption, and variable production to suit fluctuating demand reduces operating costs

Safety is Our Core Value

Air Products has the best safety record in the industrial gas industry and works continuously towards our goal of zero safety incidents from initial site survey to commissioning and ongoing operations and support of your cryogenic nitrogen plant

Worldwide Expertise at Your Doorstep

With over 75 years of understanding customer needs and designing, building, owning & operating, and servicing and supporting cryogenic plants globally, Air Products has the experience and technologies to help you succeed

Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants and Services

Sale-of-gas contracts where Air Products owns and operates the plant or sale-of-equipment agreements where Air Products provides services and support for your customer-owned plant

Commercial Options

Sale-of-gas contracts where Air Products owns and operates the plant or sale-of-equipment agreements where Air Products provides services and support for your customer-owned plant

Discover Air Products Prism® Gas Generation

Watch the installation of a cryogen system.

Interested in on-site gas generation, plants, and services?

Air Products PRISM® generators and on-site plants offer solutions for cost-effective, efficient, dedicated on-site supply of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon with added services and support for customer-owned plants.

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