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Melting Frit
Glass and Frit

Melting for Frit

State-of-the-art solutions for your frit melting operations

A Variety of Oxygen Enrichment and Oxy-fuel Combustion Methods Can Be Used to Enhance Frit Melting

Oxygen Lancing

This method has historically been the most cost-effective way to use oxygen to supplement air-fuel combustion. The strategic injection of oxygen beside, beneath or through air-fuel flames has allowed frit melters to reach campaign objectives in terms of pull rate, fuel efficiency, and frit quality. The benefits of oxygen lancing accrue from having the oxygen mix with fuel where it is most needed.

Oxygen Boosting

The boosting concept uses oxy-fuel burners positioned within the air-fuel melter to increase production, quality, efficiency and furnace stability. Oxy-fuel boosting is typically used to increase pull rate on a furnace that is at capacity or that has been crippled due to a failure or loss of effectiveness of the air-fuel combustion system.

Full Oxy-fuel Conversion

Oxy-fuel frit melting furnaces provide the most flexible and efficient means for melting frit in large tonnage production operations. Operational benefits provided by oxygen are maximized with full conversion: increased production, decreased fuel consumption, decreased emissions, improved frit quality, reduced maintenance, and extended furnace campaign life.

Oxygen Enrichment

Oxygen is injected into the main combustion air header well ahead of the delivery point to the furnace. This pre-mix of oxygen is most common on recuperative furnaces or unit melters that have many such delivery points or on regenerative melters where it is desirable to use the oxygen to enhance the entire combustion process in a consistent manner.