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Molten metal blanketing

Molten Metal Blanketing Systems

Proprietary solutions to improve your foundry operations

Typical Performance vs. Conventional Methods

Increased yield and furnace lining life, reduced cost, 60% lower dross, 50% less slag, oxygen concentration below 1%

Ask the Expert

Bruce Kenworthy
Bruce Kenworthy

Applications Engineer, North America

How can I reduce my gas consumption for molten metal blanketing?

By reducing the oxygen content above the induction furnace, inert gases—typically argon—have proven benefits for blanketing molten metal, including higher yields, lower alloy fading, decreased nonmetallic inclusions, reduced casting porosity, lower casting rework and rejects, and increased refractory lifetime. However, inert gas costs can impact your bottom line. Air Products’ patented swirl cone technology can deliver these benefits while using up to 50% less argon. In side-by-side testing, our technology reduced the oxygen level above the furnace to less than 2%, with little or no interference to the melting operation. In addition, the technology’s design enables it to remain in place during charging and pouring.