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Oxy-fuel Burner Systems for Secondary Non-ferrous Melting

Innovative burner systems, custom-tailored to your specific needs

Air Products combines a history of proven technology with decades of operational know how and experience. Our oxy-fuel systems for secondary non-ferrous melting allow producers to melt more quickly, reduce fuel usage, improve emissions, and maximize the productivity of their operations. Replacing air-fuel burners with oxy-fuel burners eliminates wasteful nitrogen from the process, allowing higher flame temperatures, which deliver much more of the heat from the burner into the process, because much less heat is exhausted from the furnace in the form of hot gases.

Air Products offers oxy-fuel burners designed to work with every type of furnace, whether it’s a rotary, rocking, tower, reverb, or tilting furnace. By matching the characteristics of the flame to the needs of each particular furnace design, our technology can deliver maximum benefits with efficient use of oxygen and fuels such as natural gas.

​Innovative Solutions and Operational Excellence

Air Products continually innovates burner technologies with a variety of flame shapes, heat release profiles, and mounting configurations to meet the varying needs of secondary melters. In addition, we use optimization algorithms, to standardize production cycles and improve repeatability.

Air Products' offerings that feature Process Intelligence use sensor and communications technology to monitor and control our gases and equipment, as well as track key process parameters. Your personnel can remotely access this data for improved process understanding.

Proven combustion technology, customized to provide the benefits that are important to your operation...

Many of our customers use our burners in furnaces originally designed to melt using air-fuel technologies. When customized and retrofitted with our technology, a number of benefits can be realized.


Production increases of 25 to 40% and higher are very typical

Fuel Savings

Increased fuel efficiency has been demonstrated, in the range of 15-40%

Metal Yield

Charge materials and operating practices vary, but an optimized system can result in yield savings of 0.5-2%


Oxy-fuel burners can reduce flue gas volumes 20-60%, with reduced baghouse loading and temperature; NOₓ emissions can be controlled with a customized burner design and good operating practices

Cost Savings

Proper implementation of oxy-fuel technology by our experienced team can result in overall reduction of melting costs. By increasing production through an existing furnace, significant cost savings can be achieved, with payback in as little as several months.


The Advanced Clean Energy Laboratory is our newest demonstration facility, capable of facilitating development and full-scale testing of combustion systems using actual customer fuels. Plus a remote video imaging systems enables real-time participation in testing via the Internet.

Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner

With Air Products’ patented Transient Heating burner, you can achieve more even heating throughout your reverb furnace, eliminate cold zones, and maximize melt rates.

Available Heat Comparison: Air-fuel vs. Oxy-fuel Combustion

Proven Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Services for Secondary Non-ferrous Melting

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling can be a powerful tool to assess and optimize your process. We have extensive in-house CFD modeling capabilities that can help evaluate and investigate ways to increase productivity and reduce costs with  burner selection and furnace updates customized to your specific operational goals.

Case Studies

  • Relationship generates 25% more product for regenerative reverberatory furnace
  • High yields achieved for forward thinking secondary aluminum producer
  • Hotter and cleaner process for aluminum RSI producer
  • Increasing yield and production in a successful secondary aluminum plant
  • Maximizing precious metal productivity
  • Continuous cast copper rod manufacturer increases amount of scrap use
  • Secondary aluminum processor sees company-wide improvement after thorough review

Count on Air Products' expertise…

We can help you determine the optimal solution to your operational challenges and suggest ways to boost your production.