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Process Monitoring and Control System

Achieve consistent and reliable product quality, reduced re-work or defects, and improved process safety

The Process Monitoring and Control System allows you to continuously monitor and regulate your process variables, as well as track and record multiple data streams from numerous points throughout your operation and then convert that data into usable information.

Ask the Expert

Guido Plicht
Guido Plicht

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Can I remotely monitor what’s happening in my furnaces and other process equipment while I’m away from my plant?

With the proper instrumentation and controls, you can securely monitor and control your heat treating or thermal process from nearly anywhere in the world! This is possible using a variety of hardware and communication methods, including Internet, dial-up, and cell phones. Alarm and warning notifications can also be proactively delivered to you so you can react to upsets, trends, and events before it’s “too late.” It’s important to identify the key parameters, equipment and instrumentation you want to monitor, and then select the hardware and software that best match your needs.


Case Study

Mission Accomplished

Air Products’ Process Management System Enhances Sintering Operation