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A versatile gas for the glass industry

Argon is a non-reactive, colorless, non-flammable gas, with low thermal conductivity that can be ionized easily.

Due to its unique properties, argon has many applications in glass manufacturing:

  • as a powder carrier gas for a completely inert environment
  • in the glass forming process to prevent detrimental reactions, such as the formation of glass defects, and to help protect the chambers/equipment where glass is formed
  • to fill items made of glass to improve their performance or make them function, eg. filling of window and door insulated glass units (IGUs)
  • to control the atmosphere inside autoclaves and hot isostatic presses (HIP) to prevent combustion of organic materials used to laminate glass products and/or other materials, such as cardboards used for product spacers
  • as the primary plasma gas or as a secondary gas with nitrogen to increase its energy

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