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We offer compressed oxygen gas or liquid oxygen in a variety of purities and concentrations

Air Products is a leader in the supply of oxygen to the chemicals industry for the manufacture of many key products like ethylene or propylene oxide. Besides oxygen supply, Air Products can supply key oxygen enrichment expertise for boosting the capacity of existing plants, reducing unit production costs and improving environmental conformance. These are common challenges facing most of the chemical industry. For oxidation processes, the use of oxygen-enriched air or pure oxygen instead of air is a proven, economic and safe way to address these challenges.

Oxygen for the Chemical Industry

Oxygen can be used in a number of applications across the chemicals industry including:

  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Chemical oxidation reactions
  • Gasification
  • Wastewater treatment

To provide benefits such as:

  • Safely and economically increase capacity or production
  • Improve thermal efficiency, increase throughput rates, and reduce energy requirements of your process


Find out in this article how using oxygen rather than air leads to improved reaction performance in many cases.

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CryoEase® Microbulk

Microbulk is a modern concept where your gas is supplied by filling on-site vs. the traditional method for smaller volume usage where gas is supplied by swapping full for empty cylinders and dewars. Microbulk supply features specially designed tank trucks with integrated controls and flexible storage tank options. End usage can be provided as pure gases, cryogenic liquids or gaseous mixtures via a blender installed at your site.

Even if you use as few as ten cylinders a month of the same gas, Cryoease® microbulk tanks could offer an effective solution.

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Computational fluid dynamic modeling services

We provide in-house computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling services, which can help when designing or investigating combustion performance.
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Oxygen Supply Options


A hagyományos megoldás kis volumenű gázellátáshoz. A palackokat különböző kiszerelésben (10 és 50 liter között), nyomással és gáztisztasággal ajánljuk a gázok és gázkeverékek széles skálájához. Válasszon a hagyományos palackok vagy a beépített szabályozós innovatív Integra® palackjaink közül

Cseppfolyós ellátás

Teherautóval szállítjuk, és az Ön telephelyén folyadékként tároljuk kriogén tartályokban vagy gázként nagynyomású csövekben az Ön térfogata, kívánt nyomása, tisztasági szintje, áramlási sebessége és működési mintája alapján.

APEX Temporary Emergency Gas Services

Short-term or emergency industrial gas supply for start-ups, peak demand periods, planned or unplanned maintenance activities, and plant or pipeline turnarounds.

On-site Oxygen Gas Generation

On-site gas generation helps sustainability-minded customers lower their carbon footprint, boost energy efficiency, increase throughput, enhance end product quality, and improve environmental performance.

Cryogenic Air Separation Plants

Air Products currently owns and operates over 300 air separation plants in over 40 countries worldwide, in all types of applications. In addition to our own plants, we have sold, designed and built over 1000 air separation plants globally.

Pipeline Supply

Located in major industrial locations around the world, pipelines offer customers with large product demands a range of benefits, including reliable, safe and flexible supply in a cost-effective way.

SDS Library

Our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) library allows you to search and find the SDS you need--in the language you select.

SDS Library