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Karel Franchoo

“It's such a big company you can grow in many directions.”

Karel Franchoo, Belgium
Manufacturing Cost Accountant

For Karel being able to work in Barcelona is a big plus.

The story so far
I started in 2008 as an Asset Accountant. In 2012, I moved to the Percentage of Completion Accountant role. In 2014, I took on the role of Manufacturing Cost Accountant.

Career inspiration
On a personal level I started learning Spanish to understand the group of friends I tend to have lunch with. Professionally I learnt a lot about the gases business, but I feel there’s yet much more to discover.

My manager has been very supportive for me to move in different Accounting roles and he also got me involved with the Diversity & Inclusion and the Knowledge sharing teams. This has helped me greatly network with other people and groups within Air Products.

About the people
We are colleagues in and outside of work. I often carpool and occasionally I go out for drinks with colleagues, and all this makes it a very nice atmosphere to work in.

Interesting fact about Air Products
I’ve always thought about the CO2 gas as bringing harm to our environment, but then I saw a presentation about the many benefits of CO2. We wouldn’t be able to live without it either!