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Small-scale, Modular and Peak Shaving Processes and Equipment

(<0.25 MTPA)

No matter how small your capacity requirements, you want the ability to liquefy natural gas on demand. Air Products’ efficient and reliable process designs have been proven to be robust and reliable in natural gas liquefaction service. (Photo provided by JAPEX)
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Benefits to our customers

Lowest Maintenance Costs in the Industry

Lower Capital Cost

Simple Operation

Nonflammable & environmentally benign nitrogen refrigerant

Modularized Design & Minimized Field Construction Cost

The Technology

Natural gas liquefaction technologies for capacity up to 0.5 MTPA include the following processes:

  • AP-SMR (0.3 - 0.5+ MTPA)
  • AP-C1 (0.05 - 0.5+ MTPA)
  • AP-N (0.05 - 0.5+ MTPA)
3D drawing of peak shaving LNG plant using AP-N™ process

The Equipment

Depending on the process used, natural gas liquefaction equipment can include:

  • Standard or custom design liquefier unit
    • Cold boxes or coil wound heat exchangers (CWHE) for efficient and reliable liquefaction
    • Proven turbomachinery with high efficiency and robust design
    • Refrigeration compressors and drivers providing the best efficiency and reliability
  • Supporting process systems
    • Pretreatment system for gas clean-up
    • On-site refrigerant generation and storage
    • Vacuum jacketed LNG storage
    • LNG truck loading station

AP-N Nitrogen Recyclye
AP-N Nitrogen Recyclye

State-of-the-art LNG manufacturing

Take a look inside the manufacturing process at our Port Manatee facility, as we produce world-class equipment for your specific needs.

Looking for a small LNG plant with a simple design and low unit cost?

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