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Laetitia Baret

“Thanks to a mentoring program and my managers, I had support in difficult situations.”

Laetitia Baret, French
Accounts Payable Team Lead

In her spare time, Laetitia plays volleyball. At work she keeps many plates spinning in the air.

Career inspiration
What inspires me the most is to work with managers/supervisors that listen to employees, to their ideas, motivation and ambition and try to fulfil their needs.

Team work
I was part of a project team to design and deploy a new purchasing tool working closely with teams in the U.S. and Asia. This was a very rich experience that gave me a global vision, different way of working and most of it, I could see the evolution of the project from start to end and being part of the result!

The people
What I like about the Air Products people? To meet different people in different teams every day where we share similar or different values, aspirations and culture of working. And, even if we are different, they all try to give the best of them every day.

Future opportunities
Air Products is a big multinational company; we can have the opportunity of doing different jobs and evolving even if we stay many years.

Why Air Products
The culture of the company, the culture of improving and being part of the changes and to be able to evolve in different positions.

Most memorable moment
My most memorable moment was when I gave training in several European countries as this gave me the opportunity to meet my colleagues that I support remotely.