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Sustainability is our growth strategy at Air Products. Sustainability creates our growth opportunities, and our growth opportunities support our sustainability focus and goals.

Two pillars or Air Products' business strategyAt Air Products, sustainability is our growth strategy and supports the two pillars of our strategy: our core industrial gases business and our blue and green hydrogen business.

Air Products’ core industrial gases help companies across dozens of industries to improve yields, reduce energy consumption and lower emissions – in other words, to make more with less while reducing impact on the environment. For example, our oxygen and hydrogen enable better combustion of fuels that reduces emissions, and our nitrogen is used in food freezing to improve product quality and reduce waste.

In 2022, we enabled our customers to avoid greenhouse gas emissions totaling 86 million tonnes of CO2e, which is more than three times our own combined Scope 1 and 2 CO2e emissions. See our 2023 Sustainability Report for more information.

We continue to work on world-scale, first-mover clean energy projects focused on decarbonizing heavy-duty transportation and industrial sectors. Recognizing that every second of delay is a missed opportunity to drive decarbonization, Air Products announced in 2022 an increase in our capital commitment by $4 billion to bring our overall planned spending for zero- and low-carbon hydrogen and first-mover projects to more than $15 billion by 2027.

Sustainability Report

Learn more about our sustainability progress and performance.

Sustainability Report