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Dehydration Separators

Using PRISM Membrane Separators

The simplest solution for removing water vapor from compressed air or gas streams. Simple, passive designs ensure that your dry air is delivered without the need for bulky equipment that requires electrical service and regular maintenance. Choose Air Products Membrane Dryers for applications that require a small, low maintenance, or mobile solutions.

Membrane Separators for Dehydration

Air dryer membrane separators are used in pneumatic controls, compression systems, power plants, CDA systems, aircraft carriers, point of use systems, dental tools, spray painting systems, and much more.

PE Air Dryers

Our low pressure dryer (up to 200 psi) with an adjustable dew point setting available in more than ten size variations. These are the most versatile membrane dryers available with external, variable sweep/purge rates that allow you to dial in exactly the dew point depression that your system requires. Suitable for breathing air applications.
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PC Air Dryers

The original low pressure dryer (up to 300 psi) with a simple, fixed purge available in multiple size configurations. Extremely rugged, this membrane dryer is great in point-of-use areas where bulky equipment is not feasible.
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High Pressure HD/ISD Dryers

Our high pressure dryer (up to 1200 psi) for heavy duty industrial compression. PRISM HD dryers see duty where failure is not an option, like on submarines or nuclear power plants. Stainless steel construction ensures that this dryer will withstand the harshest environments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there any liquid to drain from the membrane?”
The membrane removes water, in the form of water vapor, from compressed air. There is no liquid to drain from the membrane. Liquids should be removed by coalescing filters upstream of the membrane.

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