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Process Gas and Engineered Membrane Systems

Air Products PRISM Membrane systems for process gas applications are integral components in industrial facilities around the globe. The PRISM hydrogen separation membranes are used to treat hydrogen-rich streams in ammonia synthesis loops, in petrochmical plants, and in oil refineries.

Hydrogen Upgrading with PRISM Membranes

We've sold over 500 PRISM Membrane systems for critical gas separation applications. Our product engineering team is ready to design, engineer, and build a system for your unique requirements. 


Our offerings

Process Gas Membrane Systems

Membrane-based process gas recovery and purification systems provide an economical and durable solution for refining and petrochemical facilities. Applications include hydrogen recovery, hydrogen purification, carbon monoxide purification, and syngas ratio adjustment. Each system is delivered on a small footprint skid and requires very little maintenance or operator attention. 

Industrial Engineered Membrane Systems

Air Products PRISM Membranes designs and fabricates large, industrial membrane systems for nitrogen generation and mixed gas purification. These skid-mounted systems are used in the oil and gas industry, ammonia plants, chemical manufacturing facilities, and oil refineries. We work with end users and engineering companies to provide reliable, cost effective, membrane separation solutions.


Engineering teams at Permea and Air Products design and commission an efficient low-pressure hydrogen separation system used in glycol manufacturing. See how they used PB6050 separators to build this unique hydrogen separation system.

Refinery Applications

PRISM Membrane Systems recover hydrogen within hydro-processing applications at oil refineries. They reject the inert compounds that build up in hydrogen recycle loops. This means that less manufactured hydrogen is required to maintain the hydrogen balance in the system and the process becomes less costly to operate. Systems are scalable and customizable for specific operating or capital requirements.
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Petrochemical Plants

PRISM Membrane Systems recover hydrogen and adjust synthesis gas streams to provide maximum efficiency. Processes include: hydrogen recovery from methanol plant purge streams, synthesis gas ratio adjustment, carbon monoxide purification, hydrogenation purge streams, and hydrogen recovery from PSA purge gas.
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Ammonia Synthesis Plants

The synthesis loop gas composition includes hydrogen plus high concentrations of methane and argon that accumulate in the synthesis loop. Hydrogen molecules permeate through the membrane and migrate out. This upgraded hydrogen stream is returned to the synthesis loop to supplement the feed stock of synthesis gas. This means that less manufactured hydrogen is required to maintain the hydrogen balance in the system and the process becomes less costly to operate.
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LifeCycle Solutions

The aftermarket and site services unit of PRISM Membranes. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your hydrogen membrane system’s performance. We then generate a report with recommendations and work with your team to optimize your hydrogen supply.
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